Adviser of Studies Scheme

Staff are asked to familiarise themselves with the guidance provided in this section.

The Code of Practice for Advisers of Studies which sets out the procedures for providing support and guidance to all taught students (undergraduate and postgraduate) via the advisers of studies scheme can be accessed here

The Adviser of Studies Handbook 2014/15 has been compiled as a general source of reference for advisers of studies.  It covers the organisation and administration of the advisory scheme and matters that may arise in connection with undergraduate and postgraduate student progress. It is divided into four sections. The first covers the main principles of the advisory scheme. The second deals with the enrolment of new undergraduate, postgraduate and returning undergraduate students, the third with the monitoring of undergraduate and postgraduate student progress, and the fourth with study abroad. Each section can be accessed via the breadcrumb navigation. 

This Code of Practice and Adviser of Studies Handbook are both complemented by frequently asked questions which are available here. Any additional queries should be directed to

Registry and Governance Services

September 2014