Research, Innovation and Business Engagement job opportunities

The University of Stirling has the goal of bringing intensive research and innovation to our heart; developing a thriving community of researchers generating the novel ideas and insights that make a real difference to the society we live in.

To do this we also need to ensure our continuing focus in professional service support on priority business need, agility, excellent customer service, resilience, integrated partnership working, and optimisation of resources.

We currently have a number of opportunities to join our Research, Innovation and Business Engagement Directorate at a really exciting time for the University.

Research, Innovation and Business Engagement Directorate

Research services

Across all our teams, we seek out opportunities to grow research and make a significant contribution to the University’s strategic vision. Research Services is the central professional services office at the University of Stirling, working in partnership supporting academic researchers to deliver University strategic priorities.

We provide integrated support across research environment and culture, development, and legal and compliance activities. Our research grant and contract awards reached £26.5M last year and in the last few years we have made significant investment in our research systems.

Research Systems and Data Officer

Research Development Officer (Information coming)

Contracts and Publications Licence Officer

Contracts, Risk and Due Diligence Administrator

“RIBE brings together a dynamic group of people, promoting a collaborative culture where individuals skills are recognised and different perspectives are heard. I appreciate the freedom to create my own ways of working, in an environment where I feel valued, with the support of a leadership team that think innovatively, lead authentically, and adjust well to change.”
Sam Ritchie, Performance, Data and Process Manager

Innovation and Enterprise Services

The Innovation and Enterprise office provides support across the range of activities that sees us apply the outcomes of our research excellence to address issues and challenges that we face in society today, make a positive impact on economic development and contribute towards inclusive growth.

Business engagement and development activity as well as enterprise support for start-up and scale-up companies are based within this service area.  Activity is spread across work with our academic faculties as well as through our participation in City Region and Growth Deals.

Business Development Officer

Business Engagement and Development Administrator

Head of Business Engagement and Development

City Region and Growth Deal programme

The University is a delivery partner in the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal, leading the innovation workstream.  Within its programme of projects, the University will deliver Scotland’s International Environment Centre, the National Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Hub and the Intergenerational Living Innovation Hub. Through the breadth of our research activities, we are also developing proposals that link with other growth deals across Scotland.

Growth Deal Officer

Growth Deal Administrator

“In RIBE, we live our values and principles on a day-to-day basis.  Whether that means coming together to brainstorm solutions to a challenge, collaborating with partners to embrace opportunities, or reflecting on ways to innovate our own processes, this is truly an exciting and positive team to be part of.” Sasha Saunders, Enterprise Programme Manager

Scotland’s International Environment Centre

The establishment of Scotland’s International Environment Centre will see the protection and enhancement of our natural resources enabling sustainable business practice, economic prosperity and wellbeing while moving towards a net zero future.

SIEC Administrator

SIEC Business Innovation Officer

SIEC Enterprise Officer

SIEC Manager

SIEC Project Manager