Dr Sandra Engstrom


Social Work RG Bomont, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Sandra Engstrom

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I have a BA(H) in Sociology from Acadia University, a BSW and MSW (specialising in Leadership in International Social Work) from the University of Calgary and completed my PhD from the University of Edinburgh. I have practice experience with youth in Canada, Vanuatu, England, St. Lucia and Scotland. I have worked with older populations in Florida and have volunteered with HIV organisations in Canada, Vanuatu, St. Lucia, England and Scotland. I currently volunteer my time with the Stirling Rowing Club and Riverside Community Council. When I'm not working you can find me out in the hills, on a river, or in a yoga studio.?


GCRF-FCDO Climate Resilience Programme
Resilience+: Integrating Equity into Climate-Resilient Development One year project funded by the ESRC/GCRF (2020-2021 - on hold due to UK DFID Budget restraints) Role: Co-investigator Amount: £200,000 Over the last two decades, Rwanda has experienced periods of severe flooding and drought, resulting in severe damage to crops affecting more than two million people, destruction of infrastructure and even loss of life. These climate impacts affect certain people more than others, and women and persons with disabilities are two such disproportionally affected groups. It is therefore vital to build their resilience to climate shocks. However, policies, programmes and projects aiming to do so have been criticised by many critical scholars as affording insufficient attention to the needs of marginalised and vulnerable groups. In some cases, this has been shown to lead to increasing inequalities and vulnerability rather than resilience. This project aims to address this challenge by building a Network of citizens (local women and people with disabilities from the Eastern Province), development practitioners, policymakers and academics who would come together to discuss what resilience means for different people, and what kinds of resources, knowledge and capabilities are necessary for the Rwandan context for making resilience policy and programming more equitable in its outcomes. Partner Institutions are: Glasgow Caledonian University (Project Lead) Send A Cow (UK) Send A Cow (Rwanda) University of Coventry University of Rwanda Rwanda Ministry of Environment National Union of Disability Organisations of Rwanda Rwanda Women's Network The project was cancelled due to UK Governmental Department for International Development (DFID) budget cuts.