Research Spotlights

Research conducted at the University of Stirling inspires positive change, brings new perspectives and aims to address some of society’s biggest challenges. Explore our Research Spotlight articles for a closer look at just some of the influential research we’re working on.

Illustration of CCTV cameras
Research Spotlight

Ensuring transparency in surveillance camera use

Learn how research conducted at Stirling has been pivitol to the creation of a National Surveillance Camera Strategy designed to ensure surveillance cameras are used responsibly and with transparency.

Illustration of Dunfermline Abbey
Research Spotlight

Uncovering forgotten history and shaping a sense of place

Dunfermline Abbey is one of the most important ecclesiastical sites in Scotland. Find out how Stirling research has been central to reshaping its rich story and bringing its historical significance to the fore.

illustration of person's fragmented profile
Research Spotlight

Tackling depression, suicide and other psychiatric emergencies

Our research seeks to explore new ways in which free mental health awareness and intervention can create positive outcomes and new care pathways for patients struggling with depression or at risk of suicide.

snowy mountains
Research Spotlight

Enhancing avalanche safety through philosophy

Learn how our research is informing best practice among mountain safety practitioners, professionals and educators around the world.

illustration of athletes
Research Spotlight

Preserving Scotland’s sporting heritage

Find out more about our work to preserve and celebrate Scotland’s rich and diverse sporting history.

aquaculture farm
Research Spotlight

Aquaculture research

Our Institute of Aquaculture's priorities reflect a global interest in understanding how aquaculture can support the rapidly increasing human population without depleting wild-fish stocks.

Illustration of hands reaching up
Research Spotlight

Stirling’s leading role in human rights reform

Learn more about how our research is helping to ensure human rights are embedded across the work of government so that law and policy supports the dignity of everyone in Scotland.

children running in playground
Research Spotlight

The Daily Mile

Our research showed that a simple local solution could improve the fitness of school pupils. Now 10,000+ schools have adopted The Daily Mile approach.

River Thames, London
Research Spotlight

Saving Europe's freshwaters

Find out how our research has been critical to implementing major new policies to repair tens of thousands of water bodies across Europe.

Student concentrating on exam
Research Spotlight

Education and the Curriculum for Excellence

How education experts at Stirling are helping to ensure young people get the best possible education.

terror and wonder exhibition promo
Research Spotlight

Terror and Wonder

Find out how our research helped to shape the world's largest ever public exhibition of the Gothic at the British Library.

Two people at Christmas market
Research Spotlight

Healthy Ageing in Scotland

We undertook the first comprehensive study of over 50s in Scotland that gathers information on their health, economic circumstances and social wellbeing.

plain packaging cigarettes
Research Spotlight

Tackling tobacco

Find out how our work to make tobacco products less attractive is helping to tackle one of society’s biggest health problems.

two people on bench at seaside
Research Spotlight

Dementia and ageing research

We find innovative solutions to the challenges of ageing and dementia that are enabling older people to live independent lives, for longer.

A mouse with a cable shaped into a pound sign
Research Spotlight

Utilising computer science to save businesses time and money

Discover how our research into industrial scheduling and optimisation has helped businesses in the UK and across Europe save millions of pounds in costs and years of staff time.

fish swimming
Research Spotlight

Combatting poverty and hunger via sustainable aquaculture

We have enhanced farm management in Europe, Latin America and Africa, which has led to increases in fish production, optimising the use of space and resources, and reduced the environmental impact from aquaculture.

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